Get on the Jump Africa!

Showcase your beautiful food.


Set up a profile for your business on the Jump Africa in just minutes. At any time you can upgrade your profile to an online store and sell your products direct to customers.



Set up a profile for your food enterprise or organisation on the Jump Africa. At any time you can upgrade your profile to a multi-producer shop.



Set up a tailored directory of enterprises (producers and other food enterprises) for your region or for your organisation.


Listing on the Jump Africa is free. Opening and running a shop on Jump Africa is free up to $500 of monthly sales. If you sell more you can choose your community contribution between 1% and 3% of sales. For more detail on pricing visit the Software Platform section via the About link in the top menu.

We can also embed an Jump Africa shop in your own customised website or build a customised local food network website for your region. Ask us about Jump Africa services.